Z34/370Z US Model Seat Rail R&D,

today, Mike from Double Down Motorsports brought his Z34 (US name: 370Z) to test the seat rail. the seat rails are good 🙂 the J-spec seat rail will fit on the US Z34/370Z without any modifications needed. special thanks to Mike!! 🙂

今日は、ダブルダウンモータースポーツのマイクが会社に来ました。Z34(US名:370Z)用のシートレールの取り付けテストです。レールはイケるよ :) 日本使用の物がそのままボルトオンで行けます。加工も何も要りません。マイク本当に有難う!! 🙂

heres a pic of the US driver side (LHD).


below is for the US passenger (RHD).


i hate those couplers under the seat… 😦

シートの下のカプラーが大っ嫌い… 😦


hmmm, starting to like the new Z… should i trade it in???



    1. hrmmmm i dont know… love the body and stuff but i just hate that head/tail light 😦
      lemme know what seat you need 🙂

    1. i know Robert 😦 it should be a pretty good market… but i dont know, its Japan thats not doing the R&D for us. sux…

  1. hahah you’ll grow to like the headlights and taillights like I did. I really hated the redesign at first, but I love it all now 🙂

    I’ll hit you up soon for seats ahahah. thanks man!


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