Day: 05/19/2009


we went to TORIHEI last night. new place in Torrance, in the plaza behind Mitsuwa Market. the place use to be Cafe Petite, where they closed down like a year ago.


of course, starting off with the beer 🙂

もちろん、まずはビールから 🙂

below is what we ate 🙂

下はウチらが食ったモノ 🙂


with the 3 of us, all these food, and like 3 pitchers, the total bill was around $140 (before tip). not bad. the foods were great too. except for that one ochazuke thing… made me sick… 😦 but hey other then that, goood food 🙂

3人で、こんだけ食って、ピッチャー3個ぐらい開けて、合計は$140ぐらい(チップ加算前)。悪かないね。飯も美味かったし。まぁ、あの某お茶漬けはイマイチだったけどね…気持ち悪くなたよ… 😦 でも他は美味しかったです 🙂


1757 W Carson St.

Suite #A

Torrance, CA 90501