Was at Carlsbad Outlet,

past weekend was Memorial Day. me and Kana-chan decided to head Carlsbad outlet 🙂 not that far away as i thought. one thing that worries me is that, i DID NOT pay for the toll road… lol hrmmm…

先週末はメモリアルデーで祭日、連休でしたぁ。ってなわけでカナちゃんとカールすバッドのアウトレットへ行こうかと 🙂 思ったよりも遠くなかったよ。ただ一つ心配なのは、トールロードでお金「払ってない」んです…笑…んんん…

on the way, we made a stop on the side, rigth by the ocean side hill.


and look who i found.


squirrels 🙂

リス 🙂

the boss squirrel? or was it a girl being pregnant?


and here we are a Carlsbad Outlet 🙂 lots of people.

そして到着カールスバッド 🙂 超ぉー人が居たよ。

Carlsbad Premium Outlets

5620 Paseo Del Norte

Carlsbad, CA 92008



sucks to be tall and wide body, didnt have any sizes 😦

背高くてワイドボディーやと面倒やわぁ。サイズ無いのさ 😦

that night, Kana-chan cooked me a dinner 🙂 a tofu hamburg, ton-jiru, and a mackerel.

その夜はカナちゃんがご飯作ってくれました 🙂 豆腐ハンバーグに、豚汁とサバ。

thanks to Kana-chan.



  1. holla at me when your passing through OC we should kick it. Plus there are a lot of Japanese ppl at that outlet hehe they even do announcements in Japanese over the loud speaker there.

    1. they make annoucments in Japanese? at Carlsbad outlet?? wtf lol hahhaha thats funny!!
      i dont go to OC area as much as i did before… let you know when i’m gonna stop by 🙂


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