Day: 06/04/2009

Crispy Chicken Sandwich,

lunch today at Kyochon Chicken 🙂 havent been there for a while now.

今日のお昼はキョーチョンチキン 🙂 最近行ってなかったんよねぇ。

my 1/4 Korean blood was getting horny for Kyochon.


sucks that i forgot my bonus card today. i had it full too… 😦 next time.

ボーナスカードを忘れたのがショックだよ今日。うまってたのに… 😦 次だね。

Kyochon Chicken (Torrance Store)

2515 Torrance Blvd.

Torrance, CA 90503

Luv A Till, Break Your Mask

やっと見つけたLuv A TillのBreak Your Mask。


USED GIAS Sport for Sale

damn i have a lot of seats in that corner lol

stock 350Z seats, the STRADIA Maziora test seats, leather ERGO II, and a GIAS Sport. o yea Kentz, 英語だとGANTZみたいw。そのうちクッション持って来てッw。昨日ジムの後言うの忘れたよ。ってなわけで宜しく。also there is ALFA ROMEO clutch from OS Giken too lol dont know why i have that clutch here. i think the flywheel is different though. gotta count the splines… and there’s a  Lamborghini’s movement alteration kit. o yea, and a 240SX LSD.

that GIAS Sport is for sale from my buddy. he had the seat for about 2 years now i think. the cushions are missing on the pic but no worries. he took it home to wash it real quick. there is a rip on the left bolster. heres a pic.

also, i didnt take pic of the shell, but there are some scratches. by the way, the shell is FRP. not the all black FRP fake Taiwan made motha fuckas.

is anyone interested? leave comment and your email addy so i can get back to you.

i’m currently selling those leather ERGO II and the red PROS as well and the 240SX LSD.