Crispy Chicken Sandwich,

lunch today at Kyochon Chicken 🙂 havent been there for a while now.

今日のお昼はキョーチョンチキン 🙂 最近行ってなかったんよねぇ。

my 1/4 Korean blood was getting horny for Kyochon.


sucks that i forgot my bonus card today. i had it full too… 😦 next time.

ボーナスカードを忘れたのがショックだよ今日。うまってたのに… 😦 次だね。

Kyochon Chicken (Torrance Store)

2515 Torrance Blvd.

Torrance, CA 90503


  1. ウマそ~!チキンがおこげかぼんち揚げにしか見えないwww


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