Day: 06/16/2009

i put in

Logan says:

Long story short it’s a site I created that catalogs any notable WORK Wheels equipped car I come across. In addition, I also give technical and general info regarding WORK Wheels to help better inform enthusiasts.

So far I’ve got about 115+ entries into it, and that will keep building as time passes.

i say:

if you need to check out how the wheel looks on the car, visit the site!! 🙂

Photographers Summit 4,

here’s an opening movie from Photographers Summit 4.


i wanted to go… 😦 the clip was taken by Nikon D90, by Shinji Watanabe. i stalk his blog every so often.

行きたかったなぁ… 😦 ワタナベ・シンジさん(すみません漢字がわからなくてw)がニコンでD90で撮影されたそうです。よくブログの方、ストーキングさせてもらってますw。

looks like a new trend is here with the movie capable DSLR. different markets are now heading for them. me personally dont like it though… c’mon its a camera. not a cellphone that can take pictures and movie. but it sure it does take high quality movies.


well, its not like i could afford it right now lol planing to get a Flip soon.


btw, who sings this? love the song!!