Dai’s Driving Academy 2

past Saturday was Dai’s Driving Academy 2 over at El Toro Field in Irvine, CA. on the way to the venue was raining. not a hard rain but rained for like good 10minutes or so.

先週の土曜日は稲田大二郎氏主催のDai’s Driving Academy 2と言う走行会がアーバインのエルトロで開催されました。行きしなは雨も小降りでしたね。ヒドイ雨ではなかったけど10分ぐらい降ってたかな。

whats for breakfast? of course.


sausage egg muffin with hashbrown in between and orange juice from McDonalds. bought one for Kana-chan and dropped it off at her house too 🙂

マックより、ソーセージエッグマフィンにハッシュブラウン挟んでオレンジジュース。カナちゃんのぶんも買って家に置いて来たよ 🙂

it was cloudy the whole time but guess it was better to have it this way so that the track temperature stayed low. sucked for the vendors though because the booths were flying everywhere… lol our booth almost hit this one car who parked next to our booth.


what i had for lunch? got my self some tacos.


all vendors recieved 4 pieces for free 🙂 thanks Inada-san!! that red sauce was maaad good.

出展者は4個まで無料 🙂 有り難うございます稲田さん!!あの赤いソースが美味かった。

below are shots from the event. i dont think i have all of the drivers though… sorry.



  1. should of hollared at me yo! I’m like 15 min drive from el toro field…sad thing is I didn’t go car was not ready =(

  2. Just curious if you have any pictures of a blue WRX, I would like to buy them off of you if possible?

    1. hello Mark, i believe i had some shots of the blue WRX. is it the GD, GG model?? i believe you were the only blue WRX, or maybe not. i will email you regarding the image.

  3. wow nice pics!! And nice blog!
    I was with a bunch of Evos…I had the black (thanks for the pics) and there were two white ones.
    If you have any more kindly let me know!


    1. hi Mike! thanks for the compliments. so that was you? you were running great!!
      I do have couple more shots the black Evo9. i will contact you by email soon.

  4. Oh thank you very much. It was a fun day for sure!

    Whenever you have time, no rush.

  5. That was a fun day. You were the guy in field standing at the turn after the slalom, right? Your pictures don’t suck and I’m bookmarking your BLOG. Did you take any pictures of a silver corolla FF? It’s mine and wondering if you had any. Just wondering.

    1. hello SAKone, glad to hear that you love my shots 🙂 and thanks for the bookmark!!
      a silver corolla FF? did you have the Turbo Magazine license plate frame on it? if so i do have two decent shots of your car.

  6. Yup, that would be the car with the Turbo Magazine frame. If I could get a copy it would be great. I’ll buy you a few tacos at the next driving academy.

  7. Hi Jon . If any chance of having any photos of car #66(black 4 door si) ? If so i would love to see them. Thank you very much

  8. Hi Ron do have anymore pics of the flake red D1 R33 skyline. I would be more than happy purchase what you have. Thank you.

  9. Do you have more pics of the red flake D1 R33 skyline drifting at the june 20th dai drift acadamy event? It was the only pro drift skyline there. I am looking to purchase if you do. Thank you.

    1. Hi Ed, i do have some more photos of that R33 though its out of focus. and i only have certain since i was mainly focues on the other side of the event for the grip section. i’m sorry!! for the next event, i will try to get you some!!

    1. hello a.k.a DET, i just saw your myspace. that was you!!
      that picture is used on JMD Option’s web as well. did you see it?
      if not, check it out 🙂

  10. Hey Fujishino thanks for all the pics taken…do you happen to have anymore pics of the black EK Coupe?

    1. Hi Jason, yes yes i do have some more pics on the EK coupe i believe. yours is the coupe and not that hatch right?

  11. Yeah mine is the EK coupe…if you dont mind could you e-mail me the pics you have? Thanks


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