1. Yo what are those cigarettes like? I have heard of those and a couple other brands from Japan. I personally smoke Natural American Spirits regulars.

    1. daitainspirits, you talking about the Seven Stars? those are charcoal filter cigarettes. have you tried Mild Sevens before? its a bit heavier then them and these are smoooth 🙂 i love the American Spirits too 🙂 the baby blue pack.

  2. Yeah man that’s them! Haha but nah I have not had Mild Sevens before…Any recommendation of how/where to get my hands on them at? I have no idea, I am located in Atlanta so access to them is even lesser than where you are :/

    1. hmmm dunno know where to get them…
      maybe online somehow? what was that website called? yessmoke(dot)com or something…for got..
      or come to cali and i will take you to a jdm store for cigarettes 🙂


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