Von Voyage DJ Meguru,

sorry Miho-chan, your eyes were closed… lol hahaha


past friday was Dj Meguru’s farewell bon voyage party @ Gonpachi, Beverly Hills.

この間の金曜日はDj Meguruの送別パーティー@権八ビバリーヒルズ店でした。

Meguru looking more then happy from the Vodka.


i was called as an photographer to take people signing his note booky.


color testing with Mitsu. he already had a shot


Dj Beyond checking stuffs.

Dj Beyond君が色々とチェック中。

shot of the day 🙂

今日の一枚 🙂

i was stuck at the booth the whole time so  dont have that much snap shots this time.


o yea, i didnt expect to see you Jesse working at the bar lol hahaha



    1. sure was a lot of fun daitanspirits!! but not many alcohols this time… 😦
      well, people gave me free drinks so its all good!!


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