Day: 07/01/2009

Neno’s for Lunch,

Neno’s Italian Cafe for lunch 🙂 they deliver for you.

今日の昼飯はニーノーズイタリアンカフェ 🙂 デリバリーもやってくれるのさ。

nacho plate with chicken breast plus jalapeno burger with coke.


maaaaad cheeeeeeezzzzzzyyyyyy nachos.


maybe it was too much jalapeno today.


Neno’s Italian Cafe

3939 W Artesia Blvd

Torrance, CA 90504


i Found My Camera,

after going to U-ki’s birthday, i lost my p&s camera somehow 😦 and also the mix cd Tsugu gave me (sorry Tsugu). but recently, i was digging in my trunk and found my camera!!! yaaaaay~ so, here’s a pic on the way to LA.

ユウキの誕生日行った時に、コンパクトデジカメを失くしたんだよねぇ 😦 それとツグちゃんにもらったミックスCD(ごめんツグちゃん)。でもねでもね、最近トランクの中あさってたら出てきたよカメラ!!!よっしゃ~って事で、その時の行きしなのLAの一枚。

welcome back my Canon Powershot A510 where it moves with two AA batteries.


Letter to Future Me,

i recently got this letter from North High. first off, couldnt read the writing, which ended up it was mine lol oh no is this that one letter they made us write back in high school?? sure it was.


Dear Future Me.


they made everyone write a letter to your future you to see how you were doing. what was in the letter was obviously embarassing. he, well, me talks about what he dreams to be and what really was hard for me. and just talked about how the weather was up there and here and blah blah blah. i guess i’m still on the same rail of the dream i was following. plus additional missions added on.


but mang it was hard to read my writing lol


thanks for the letter, Shino. hahahaha