Day: 07/02/2009

Housenka, to Gaku

i was at Housenka in Redondo Beach Blvd inside Tozai Plaza last night.


of course starting with the beer.


this is the Daimyo-yaki. a rib-eye steak 🙂

これは大名焼き。リブアイステーキ 🙂

hey ODP Justin, Kei-chan says hi 🙂

あ、ODPジャスティン、ケイちゃんが宜しくだって 🙂

she was back from Japan for like a week.


after dinner, we all went to Gaku for second rounds of drinks.


i dont have any pics, but mang the karaoke after the store closed was fun!!


dropped off Kana-chan at her apartment and i was knocked out for bit…


checked the time and it was a little after 5am lol


Moving Helping,

past Sunday, i was helping out Kana-chan to move out from the current store location in Melrose Ave. it will be soon relocated with a new show room soon 🙂 no worries. i went to go help her out of course. didnt expect that it was all by myself though… lol was gonna call up some of my buddys but my phone died lol such a timely situation i got. so, loaded that truck close to a 20ft all by my self 🙂

先週の日曜日はカナちゃんのお店の引越しの手伝いでしたぁ。今のメルローズの場所から引っ越します。そのウチ新しい場所にショールームとか作るらしいから 🙂 ご心配なく。もちろん、俺手伝いに行ったよ。まぁ俺一人であんなにやるとは予想もしてなかったけどね…笑。友達数人を呼び出そうと思ったんだけど、携帯が死んでてさぁ(笑)めっちゃタイムリーやん。ってわけで、一人で20ft近いトラック積み込んだぜ 🙂

damn budget truck with the steering wheel crooked. had to tilt it a bit to keep it straight.


La Cienega packed like usual.


i was driving with one foot on the dash, holding the steering wheel and a cig in my mouth. cuz imma G like that!! hahaha had to find a way to kill time some how. couldnt take any of the shortcuts to Melrose Ave cuz of the big truck.


after this, my phone’s battery died lol


At Beaux,

pic from Ryo, at BEAUX in Torrance. this was like 3 weeks ago maybe? just thought of posting it since Mai was hella drunk… hahaha i dont know why but people wants to try people’s glasses… lol Mai is trying mine.


a group pic. why am i wearing a hood in the back? buddy Hiyoshi came by and stole my casket thingy that i was wearing.