Day: 07/07/2009

DJ Meguru, Portrait

last night, i was at LA again for shooting DJ Meguru’s profile pics for Japan. going through La Cienega was b/s with those stupid taxi drivers driving like a Ahole.

昨夜はまたLA方面へ。今回はDJ Meguruのプロフィール写真の撮影です。あの時間帯のラ・シエナガはマジウンコ。クッソボケのタクシーの運ちゃん達がスゲームカつく運転してたよ。

in front of Beverly Center. havent gone here since Christmas i think.


going up on Crescent Heights.


a petite canyon run with a random Porshce Carrera in front of me.


and here i am towards the top of the mountain. geesh took me long enough.


Meguru came a little late… as usual… lol and Mika-san getting his make-up and hair done for the shoot. thanks for the Pizza and the beer!!


i was just chilling with her dog on the floor 🙂

その間に俺はと言うと床で犬っころと遊んでた 🙂

here’s some of the shots from that day.