Day: 07/09/2009

Auto Run Viruses,

i was fighting with the damn virus the whole day today. revo.exe or something like that. also known as kava, mmvo, revo01, etc. i was trying to fix this piece of shiet problem for more then 6hours now and i can still get it back to work!!! heres my current symptoms:


hard disk drive opens in a new window automatically. setting has not been changed.


HKEY_CURRENT_USER’s hidden and super hidden’s registry number is changed. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE’s checkedvalue’s registry number is changed.

attached files cannot be open.


Internet Explorer cannot show the page.


usually passed on through USB… Ryo…? lol hahaha


what i did was restart the windows with safe mode, go in the registry and changed the necessary figures to “1” (why i did this? because the q&a said to lol) and searched for the named files of dll and pf, bat, com etc within C drive, Windows Perfetch, and System 32. out comes? cant find them!!! lol

何をしたかってウィンドウズをセーフモードで起動して、レジストリに入って必要な番号を「1」にして(なんでかって?q&aでやれってあったからw)ウィルス関連のdllやらpfにbatとかをCドライブ上、Windows Perfetch上、それとSystem32上で探してました。結果?見つからないんだよッ!!!!笑

found a lot of Trojan and malwares though. i was able to fix my email and windows live messenger problems finally. but made some stuffs worse… now my C drive doesnt open!! double click and a message pops out saying “please choose a program to open the file”…. shiet lol i can open the HD from windows explorer though. argrhrhhhh…

トロージャンとかマルウェアはイッパイ見つけたけどね。とりあえずEメールの問題とMSNメッセの問題は治りました、やっとの思いで。でもなんか今度は違うところがトんだよね。Cドライブが普通に開かない!!ダブルクリックしたらメッセージで”please choose a program to open the file”って出るんだよねぇ~…チクショウw。HD自体はエクスプローラーから開くんだけどさ。ああぁぁぁぁぁ…

gotta work on it at home too… nooooo i dont want to re-install Windows!!!! 😦

家帰ってからもどにかしないと…ウィンドウズの再インストなんて嫌だぁぁぁぁぁぁぁ!!! 😦