Day: 07/15/2009

QIO, Day Two

so heres day two at QIO for the sale event.



QIO, Day One

QIO had a big sale event going on and i was called as one of the photographers for the venue 🙂 thanks Ko-chan. the event was a today (Saturday and Sunday) at QIO on Pico Blvd, West LA. foods, DJ, art works, and of course clothings and accessories.

QIOでセールのイベントがありましたぁ。そこにフォトグラファーとしてのお呼びがかかったので行って来た 🙂 有り難うコウちゃん。イベントは土日の二日間でした。場所はウェストLAのPICO沿いにあるQIOにて。食べ物とDJ,ちょいとした美術展。そしてもちろん洋服にアクセ。

even a baby wants a taste of fashion.



So Random,

people searches for the stupidest thing on the web.


“glamorous japanese chick and my dick”…. wtf ? lol did this guy think that his little home boy hiding in the bushes were online some how with a glamorous japanese chicks surrounding it?? dude… hahahaha i searched it online just to see what comes up. and just as i expected. a porn site. hahahah maybe whom ever searched was looking for this clip??

“glamorous japanese chick and my dick”…え?笑。コイツは自分の草むらに隠れてるカワイイ息子がウェブ上でどっかのボンッキュボォーンなお姉ちゃんに囲まれてる写真でもあると思ったのか??オイオイ…www。ちなみに検索かけてみたよ、何が出てくるのか気になったし。まぁ、思った通りのエロサイトだよねww。もしかしたらこの動画を探してたのかなぁ??

but how come they made a stop at my blog? lol scares me sometimes.



my current desk top 🙂

今現在のデスクトップです 🙂

gotta organize them… all those short cut icons and pdf and word documents…


by the way, who is that chick? Asuka Kirara. god damn.