Sponsorship Proposals,

since Justin sent me the link regarding his media coverage, let me talk about some sponsorship procedure. i did talk about this item on the agenda before. the link below is the article back in July 2008.



so, recently i’m getting a lot more of sponsorship inquiry then before. random people emailing me saying they want a sponsorship from us, with a single sentence on the email. i hope people understands that sponsorship is marketing, and marketing is business. do you think a random sales guy without a proposal can get that contract?


for us, we ask for a written proposal in a word document or a pdf file with the vehicle images inserted within the file. or any other type of files/documents are fine. i just dont want a proposal written on email with all those photobucket links attached and the links arent even working. we are not asking a metal printed document fowarded to us via post office or UPS or whatevers. a simple proposal as i have mentioned above is fine. easy right? just type it up and email it. simple. but some people cant just do it. i’ve been exchanging emails with this one guy (well, theres a few) thats just lazy to make a proposal. and one of the customer is a web designer. how hard is it for a web designer to construct up a simple proposal for him? and he is asking for a major discount. obviously the answer for him is a NO.


Justin for example, he actually mailed me a printed proposal with a clear file to me. another example, Mike emailed me his proposal on a word document. Ozzie sent me a proposal via email too. its because they understand that sponsorship is marketing.


so why didnt i gave you guys a full sponsorship? now thats a different story so i wont talk about it here… lol you guys understand right? 🙂

じゃーなんで俺らにフルスポンサーくれなかったんだよって?それはまた話が違ってくるからここでは話さないけどさ…笑。皆分かっとるよね? 🙂

a simple proposal can be made within a hour or less.


Cover letter/添え状

Vehicle make & model/車種

Current Modification/現在の変更箇所

Future Plans/今後の方向性

Show, Race schedule/イベント・レースのスケジュール

Product(s) Interested/必要な商品

thats about it i guess… simple yea? if you can write those up on your myspace, then why not on a actual proposal.


and sponsorship is not over when you get the product from us. which lots of people do. since its a marketing procedure, they have to update us with every events, media coverages, tv spot, etc. and maybe place a decal for us 🙂

スポンサーの契約ってモノを貰ったら/買ったら終わりってわけじゃなぃかんね。そんな人が結構多いけど。マーケティングの一つなんだからさ、イベントとかレース、取材とかTVとか受けたんなら教えて。アップデートして下さい。つぃでにステッカー貼ってくれるとかね 🙂


  1. No sponsors for me! I work for my stuff! haha Well, maybe I’d want a few sponsors, but I actually wouldn’t want anything. I think it’d be cool enough representing a company I really like. 🙂

    1. Robert, hahahah just lemme know if you need anything 🙂
      and make sure you send in a proposal!!! haaha

    1. thanks Ozzie!! did you see your name in the post?? 🙂
      sorry tat i missed you at MOD. i left around 9am… hahha

  2. I figured you were referring to me, what are the chances of another Ozzie with such good taste in seats? 😉

    1. of course i was referring to you Ozzie 🙂 your the only Ozzie that i know of with such a great taste in the limited model Cuga 🙂


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