Day: 07/21/2009

GLAMOROUS STAGE Spring/Summer 2009,

did a photo shoot while back for Kana-chan and the shots are on the web 🙂

結構前にカナちゃんとこの撮影やったよ。ウェブにアップされてます 🙂


Bear Cookie,

the bear cookie Kana-chan got.


your mouth gets hella dry lol


Good Bye My Wisdom Tooth,

today, went to the dentist to get rid of my remaining 2 wisdom tooth on my right end. pulled out the left two like a month ago. and now to square it off!!


such a clean office Kita Seiichiro DDS. he designed his own office.


i always wonder. should close my eyes? or keep it open?


no antibiotics this time.


its been couple hours but im still bleeding… 😦

もう数時間経つけどまだ血ぃ出てるぅ… 😦

Congratulations Monster Tajima-san,

congrats to Monster Tajima-san and Monster Sport for taking first over at PPIHC 2009 Unlimited Class!!


with a time of 04:34:100 (Glen Cove), 07:08:458 (Sixteen Mile), and 10:15:368 (Finish Line) driving his 2009 Suzuki SX4 🙂

タイムはグレン・コーブで04:34:100、シクシティーンマイルで07:08:458、そしてフィニッシュラインで10:15:368 🙂

for more detailed results and information, please visit the official PPIHC website.


all photo courtesy to Monster Sport