Flea Markets and Farmer’s Market,


went to the Santa Monica Antique Flea Market over the weekend. didnt find anything though… unlike the Long Beach Antique Flea Market, it was really small. the only thing i was interested were those fries and hot dogs, which i didnt get to eat it 😦 haha







since there was nothing really interesting, we decided to go to the one on Melrose at the Faifax High School as our next stop.


much more bigger venue.





and now to Farmer’s Market 🙂

そしてファーマーズマーケットへ 🙂


i needed to make a stop here to get my mom’s birthday gift.






my mom’s birthday gift. 1959 Barbie Doll 🙂 its the replica model.

オカンのプレゼント。1959のバービー人形 🙂 もちろん復刻版。

why? my mom is turning 50 and Barbie Doll is the same age.



  1. coke product 大好きな私としては、コーラのフリスビーが気になるv


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