after making a stop at NISEI WEEK on Saturday, we made another stop at Beverly Hills Center to look around stuff. i was just amazed how expensive theREPLAY jeans were. $600 + for a jeans? naw mang.

NISEI WEEKに行った土曜日は、その足でビバセンまで行きました。ブラブラしに。っつーかREPLAYのジーパンがどんだけ高いかって驚愕した。ジーパン一本に$600+てあんた。無理x2。

at Forever XXI, with Kana-chan 🙂 didnt know they had men’s wear now.

フォーエバーXXIにて、カナちゃんと 🙂 メンズも今あるんだね。知らなかった。

we went back to Torrance for dinner at Chinese Bufet. its the one on Hawthrone nad Lomita (i think) in the same plaza as Sushi Ken and Yakitori Shin. $12.99 and they got good foods unlike the other Chinese buffet.

買い物の後はトーランスに戻ってチャイニーズ・バフェへ。場所はホーソンとロミタ(だったと思う)のSushi Kenとか焼き鳥SHINがあるプラザ内。$12.99で食べ放題。しかもここ他と違っておいしいのよ飯が。

Round 1.

Round 2.

Round… ugh no more. i got too much greasy stuff and soooo fuuulllll.


by the way, heres what i got from today’s shopping spree.


2 T-shirt and a hat from H&M. and shoes from ALDO.



  1. I like that buffet too! Pretty damn cheap.
    those pics make me hungry…


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