Day: 08/19/2009

Late Late Lunch,

it was about 3:30 when i left for lunch.


made a stop at Kyochon Chicken 🙂

キョーチョンチキンへ 🙂

i got the…


the spicy chicken wrap!


Spotting Undercover Cop Cars,

AOL Autos had a interesting article of how to spot a under cover cop cars.


In the California regions, a popular police car is the Ford Crown Victoria. its being used for taxis as well and its really when they are behind you. i always freak out when theres that noticeable head lights in the back lol the image below is found in this guy patrols Harperwood Michigan. the news on AOL Autos shows where and how to spot if the Mustang behind you is a undercover or not.



image from

the AOL Autos have listed different marks to look for on the Victoria as well.


image from

flashers, black wheels with chrome center cap, antennas and stuff. i guess most of the people know that already.. i just hate it when some dude buys the ex-under cover car keeping those stobe lights on the side mirrors and the bumper pusher on. azz holes rolling on the streets thinking they are cool with the cop car lol its not like i dont want it but… hahha should be fun driving one of those.


belows the link to the AOL Autos article.


Dragon Ball Evolution,

barrowed the image from

i recently watched Dragon Ball Evolution. didnt like it at all. Chichi and Bulma was hot. and thats it. nothing but a horrible remake of the legendary Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama. i grew up with Dragon Ball. stories were mixed and matched. i dont know why a white dude (not being racist or anything) is being Goku. why did Picolo had a little armory shiet on him? wth is Yamcha doing? lol the movie was phrased as “a Dragon Ball you have never seen”. duhhhh i’ve never seen a Dragon Ball like this!! FAIL!!! its more like Star Wars Evolution.



Me, Tsuyoshi-kun, Izumi, and sorry i dont know your name since i was never introduced to you… hahah picture was from The Curve at Senor Fish, taken by Kana-chan.

俺、ツヨシ君、イヅミ、それと紹介されてなぃんで名前がわかりませんゴメンなさい…w。写真はSenor FishでやったThe Curveでの一枚。写真撮影はカナちゃん。