Day: 08/21/2009

Seriously, Shut up.

fwak you AT&T!!!! lol


why? you guys been calling us every day now with useless talks and random buuuulll shiets!! you told me i’m paying too much for our office line of the phone. ok, so we checked the recent invoices, calculated with what you said. and Bam!! we werent paying too much for the bills!! the figures you told me was more!! so i told you, sorry but we wont be taking your offer.


and why the fwak do you still call me everyday!? i even told you too!! dont call us!! and now some different mens and womens calls from AT&T wanting to talk to the manager (thats me, hahha). so i told him, he doesnt want to talk to you. period. muahahaha


dont know why they still call. they even called me twice in a row.


next time they call me, im gonna tell them the manager passed away and we will be closing the office.


JOYRICH Summer Sale @ QIO,

my shots are in the video!! 🙂

俺の撮った写真がビデオに!! 🙂

how do i post videos from vimeo!? i cant… 😦 hrmmmm

どうやってvimeoの動画載せるの!?出来ない… 😦 う~ん

i cant use the html tag…


o well, here s the link.


special thanks to Kohei from JOYRICH and Teppei from Chokusen!!