Day: 08/27/2009

Calm Down Its Only a Big Chin-Chin,

past Sunday, we had Nori’s birthday at Soshi’s place.


the birthday boy Nori 🙂 happy birthday!!

誕生日ボーイのノリ君 🙂 オメデト!!

and i went to go get him a cushion. a big, pink, cushion from Hustlers.


calm down its only a big pink cushion 🙂

ただの大きいピンクのクッションなんだから落ち着けって 🙂

click below for more birthday pics.



G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra,

went to go see G.I. Joe finally… lol yea might have been a little late. the theatre was nice and huge with lots of open seats lying down, eating pop corns and munching on the nachos with lots of jalapenos 🙂 hahha

やっとG.I.Joeを見に行った…笑。ちょっと遅かったかな。映画館の中は広くて席もイッパイ空いててさぁー。のんびりゴロゴロしてポップコーン食べてナチョチップスを青唐辛子多めでバリバリ食いながら見れたよ 🙂 www

mang i want those power suits!!!