Saturday Recap:it was hot!,

Saturday was a pretty busy day. went to the bank, got some iced coffee and to Planet Blue on Abott Kenney St. (did i spell it right??)


i bought Kana-chan a t-shirt. nothing for my self… didnt really find anything interesting. i did, but they were like $400 + and couldnt afford any of them lol


next off is to down town LA for some stuffs.


on the way we saw those clouds and smokes. crazy shiets. should have kept my camera with me and not in the trunk… 😦 i saw those clouds on too lol we might have passed by each other that time Logan!! hahha

行きしなにこんな雲と煙を発見。ハンパないね。カメラをトランクじゃなくて、ちゃんと持ち歩いてれば良かったよ… 😦 同じ雲をRogan-san.comが撮ってた(笑。高速でスレ違ってたかもねローガン!!ww

and here we are, reaching 100f.


and its still going up…


even more.


and duuude it was maaad packed in LA.


even higher?


and to 107f, probably the highest of the day.


so, swung by at FOCUS to cool off.


btw Yuki, we went to Pop Killer but didnt see you… dont work on weekends?


killed enough time (a good 2 hours and 30 minutes) and now heading to Club Tatou for Tokyo Style rehearsal. today was for all the brands entering the fashion show. wished the DJ for the fashion show came as well. how can he be slack’n off when he’s the one spinning during the show?

時間は十分に潰して(2時間半)いざクラブ・タトゥーへ。今日はTokyo Styleでやるファッションショーのリハーサルです。当日回すDJが来なかったのがねぇ。自分が回すとこなのになんで来ないかね?

need more lighting for the fashion show. and i dont like the orange spot light!! gotta go get my battery pack for the strobe, gotta get that, and that, maybe that. geesh.. lol


ended up pushing an hour after schedule. decided to go to Orochon 🙂

結局リハは一時間押しで終了。そしてオロチョンへ行く事に 🙂

mmmm, yum 🙂 eating a hot ramen outside in a hot day? yay yea.

美味かったねぇ 🙂 熱いラーメンをこのクソ暑い日の夜に外で食う?イイね。



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