Sunday Sunday,

went to Treasure Pot on Sunday lunch.


starting off with fried dumplings.


heres what Kana-chan ordered.


and my order. finally!! been here couple times and at last!!


Paramount city was hot too…


today’s stop, Baskin Robins!!


busy eating the ice cream and my stick shift on the way.



  1. 大丈夫、頑張れば電話しながらラーメン食い食いマニュアル運転できるから。

  2. Dude I’ve been going to this place for like 5 years now. They now me. Like they know when I call in a my order of chicken mint leaves with two fried eggs that its me ordering.

    We gotta hit it up together sometimes. I used to live like 2 blocks from there.

    1. yo yo azndoc! that place is booomb yo. the chicken thingy i ordered, they are always out… we gotsta hit that place up soon!!

  3. Yeah for sure. I just went there yesterday since me and my classmate was around the area after class looking for a place to eat.

    I walked in and they said hi and asked if I wanted the usual and listed all the stuff that’s considered my “usual”

    My classmate said “you come here a lot huh?” I told her yes quite a bit.

    Glad you like the place, so jam.


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