Day: 09/15/2009

Mosquito Ring Tones,

Hiro-kun sent me this link below.


they have different levels of mosquito’s sound frequency or what ever they call them. depending on your age, you cant hear certain frequency. Japan has been using this mosquito ringtones quite often within the high school girls (yes, Jyoshikousei) as for certain manners and using phones during class hours.


so i tried different frequencies. the most i could hear was 14khz… by the way, i am 24 right now so i should be able to hear 17-19khz. my ears fail… hahaha this means, if i was a teacher at a high school where all the students are using mosquito ringtones, i cant hear them 😦

ってなわけで色んな周波数試してみた。結果、14khzまでしか聞こえなかった…ちなみに、俺24歳。17-19khzまでは聞こえないとね。ダメじゃん俺の耳ww。って事はだよ。もし俺が高校で先生だったら生徒がモスキート音使ってたら聞こえないわけだ 😦 以外とショックだなこれ…w