Dai’s Driving Academy 4,

Sunday September 20th was Dai’s Driving Academy 4 at Irvine, El Toro Air Field. weather was nice and clear. little wind and hot as hell lol out in the field with no shade is torture without sunscreen. this time, i almost got ran over… lol thanks Jin-san… hahaha o yea btw, you can now order prints. leave a comment with your email address and i will contact you back 🙂

9月20日の日曜日はDai’s Driving Academy 4でしたぁ。場所はアーバイン市内のエルトロ・エアーフィールド。元米軍基地です。天気は晴れで良好。風がほんの少しあって地獄のような暑さ(笑。影も無い中炎天下での撮影はまさに地獄。日焼け止め塗ってなければほぼ拷問w。今回は、ひかれそうになりました…笑。ジンさん、ありがとう…ww。今回から、写真のプリントサービスを始めました。コメントにメールアドレスを連載して頂ければこちらから連絡します 🙂

started my driving academy a little early on the 405 freeway lol


and here at the venue now. peeps setting up for the track.


and here the driver’s meeting start. alot more people then we expected.


and to the course!


look at those heat daze lol


heres from the short course. since i was at the drift course first, i dont think i have everyone’s shots…


i found JDM Steve far away lol looks like a little mang lol


and walked to the drift course.


feels sooooo lonely standing in the field  by yourself lol



phew,close by.


and now at the long grip course.


ended around 5:30 or more close to 6 i guess. and the fun part begins. picking up the cones!! hahha


and dropping off the trash cans. Takeshi looking sey with the sunset.



  1. hi. thanks for taking pictures! i’m just wondering if you have any more pictures of the stock looking yellow s2000 cuz that’s my car. if so, it would be great if you can send them to me. thanks!

    1. Ezra,
      thanks for the comment! i only have one shot of yours. i did multiple shots though some were off focus and useless.

  2. Had a great time and great pics of the event. any way i can get a print of one of the pictures you took?

    1. eddie,
      thanks for the comment!
      you can order prints. please let me know which one you want and i will get that processed.
      i will email you shortly.

  3. hey doode, im the owner of the green civic hatchback. if you have any more pics hauler back pleez. haha i would love to have some. thanks.

    1. Garen,
      the uploaded pictures are the only available ones. i just flip through the pics again but didnt see a burgandy hatch with a blak bumper. i might have missed your run during the event.

  4. Thanks for all the photos. Do you have more on a gray 07 350z or gray 07 infiniti G35 Sedan? Thanks.

    1. Den,
      i do have couple other shots that are presentable of the two vehicles. i will email you the thubnail sheet shortly.

  5. Great pics again, better than I would’ve taken. Can’t find my car, but the last ones you took were awesome. At least you had a shade, I didn’t have anything but the hat on my head for a shade. I forget to say “Hi”, your at the JDM-OPTION booth, right?

    1. hey Sakone. i didnt see your car running that day 😦 you did pass by me though… hahha
      and yes i was there at the booth.

  6. wow! great shots! I was there aswell and it was quite fun, though i suck! the loud white/orange miata that did alot of spinning rather then drifting… out of curiosity happen to get any pics? anyway, great event, i cant wait for november, maybe ill bring a proper camera this time too and take some shots while cooling off from runs.

    1. Michael,
      thanks!! unfortunately, i do not have your shot. where were you at? the long drift course? or the drift course behind the vendor area? the place is too huge and its really hard to get every one by my self.

  7. if you have anymore shots of the black sc300 I’d like to see them. but thanks for taking all the pictures they look great.

    1. Drew Ostrowski,
      i do have some more though the one posted is the cleanest.
      though i will get you a contact sheet of yours.

  8. i was back spinning out many times on the smaller course. i think i took out the entire last corner’s cones once…. damn good fun!

    1. Michael, sounds like you had fun!! there will be another one on beginning of November so come out again!! 🙂

  9. Any pics of the dark blue BMW M3. I think I was the only E46 M3 at the event. Nice shots BTW!!

    1. Vernad Domingo,
      thank you for your words.
      unfortunately, i do not have a shot of E46 M3 from the day… 😦 i’m sorry.

  10. hi shino, thanks for taking these awesome shots! i’m the driving the red miata #30 without a hood and the black steel wheels. wondering if you have any more shot of me. thanks! btw good job, i tried to get as much angle in front of you as possible once i got past that RH sweeper heh.. you were wearing a white shirt right? anyway, have a great day ^_^

    1. daniel lim,
      i remember you daniel. i was right in front of you while you were drifting 🙂 thanks for the comment. as for the shots, i will have to look through them to see if i have any other good shots of yours.


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