Day: 10/15/2009

Just Came Back from a Meeting,


just came back from a meeting at BEAUX with Sho-kun and Erika-chan.


check out Erika’s blog 🙂

エリカちゃんのブログをチェケラ 🙂


SIGMA 50-500mm F/4-6.3 APO DG

my new lens came in today!! 🙂

今日はおニューのレンズが来たっ!! 🙂

well, its a rental but… lol hahha super thanks to for the fast service!! also rented a mono-pod and the Epson P-3000 (didnt actually need this).


its huge… lol pretty heavy. no wonder its called the BIGMA.


see how this works for Formula D this weekend. see you guys there!!

さぁーて今週のFormula Dでどうなるかな。皆向こうでねッ!!