Motorsports in Black & White, Day One

more pics of Formula D Rd. 7 Judgement Day Day one. in Black and White.


why are some of the shots so blurry? because i used a slow shutter speed to create more speed in the shot. shutter speed from 1/30 to 1/8. it looks fast 🙂 hahha i love the atomosphere of the shot created by the slow shutter. and i just love black and white with high ISO’s noises.

なんで何枚かはブレブレなんだって?スローシャッターを使ってるからです。シャッター速度は1/30から1/8。この方が写真にスピード感が出ていい感じになる 🙂 スローシャッターでの雰囲気がたまらなく好きなんです。それと、高感度で撮った時のノイズの感じと白黒がまたたまらん。

plus, im just tired of seeing typical drift shots. crisp and clear. just wanted to do something different. make it look like a Formula One shots. and more of a abstract feeling.



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