GT5 and JR’s G37,

*stolen from Brian 🙂 *

hhooooooo!! 🙂

look JR!! your car is in the game!!

i know you got some internet up in heaven buddy!!

btw, what happened to all the graphics?? did they get lazy or what? or is it because of those copy right issues that and not??


  1. I heard that the vinyl engine in the game isn’t finished yet, which explains why there are no graphics on any of the cars.

  2. Awesome car, builder, graphics, game & owner.
    I like that STEALTH look on this G37.

    RIP, JR.

  3. They Took of the graphics for copyright purposes. It’ll take a long time getting those signatures and they didn’t want to bother. But then… you can see your seats from there =)

    1. thats what i thought… they should just contact all of them and add the graphics on!! good thing our seat is visibile though lol


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