91 240SX with SR20DET for Sale,

helping out the buddy spreading the word here.


Logan is currently selling his 1991 240SX.


$10,000 WITH wheels and tires. $8,500 WITHOUT wheels and tires. the price is firm.


This is an 18 year old car so please expect normal tear and wear.


we are looking for serious buyers only.


no test drives are agreed until the purchase is confirmed.


for further information regarding specs and others, please visit the link below.


please besure to read the details before submitting inquiries.




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  2. ok i found it. finally. 🙂
    well the things that i want to know is that where
    is this car located at and how much miles does the motor have.
    and if its ok can you send me some details about the engine and the car so i could get more satisfied in buying it. thank and please reply to me asap.. thank you

    1. hello Cyrus Quinonez, thank you so much for the comment!! though the car has being sold last week 😦


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