CANON 7D Randoms,

last night, i was playing around with the 7D which i just got yesterday.


feels nice and good in my hands!!


below is the shot with a help of ZAKU 🙂 hahha

下はザクに手伝ってもらった一枚 🙂 ww


Av Mode, 1/80, 2.8, ISO100, WB temp 5200K, picture style normal

below is a closer look.


i dont really see any problem of some peope that were saying that image is not sharp enough compared to the XSi. well, the above is a crop about 100% of the original jpg image, 5184 x 3456 pixels. what do you think? the lens i used is SIGMA 50mm F1.4 EX . the image below is shot with the EF-S 18-55mm kit lens from my XSi in RAW file. RAW has been developed on CANON’s DPP.

実際こうやって見てみると他の人が言ってたXSiと比べてシャープさが足りないって言うのがあまりわからない。上の一枚は元画像のサイズ、5184x3459ピクセルからほぼ100%の状態で切り取ってあります。どぅだろ?使ったレンズはシグマの50mm F1.4 EX。下の一枚はXSiのキットレンズ、EF-Sの18-55mmにつけかえて、RAWで撮影した一枚。RAW処理はキャノンのDPP。

Av mode, 1/250, 9.0, ISO 2500 WB, sharpness +3

below is the same setting  (did not adjust the color since i was lazy lol), with sharpness +0 and cropped it. the texture seems to need a little more retouch at +0, but still, it has enough sharpness. little tweaking on the image is normal these days. a fat ass person can become a skinny ass in the picture. consider that, its nothing. 


now the ISO things. 7D has its highest ISO at 6400. and when you enable the high ISO setting (forgot what its called), you get a maximum of 12800. below is shot with ISO 12800.


yea, noisy. by the way, high ISO noise reduction was disabled. should get a slight better result when its on, though i like this noisy-ness. black and white photo should get nice results from this.


below is at ISO 800.


yea, off focus.


below is ISO 6400.


below is ISO 3200


the one below is at ISO 1600.


below is a panning shot of some random TSX. Tv mode, 1/25, 2.8, ISO 1600.

下はTSXの流し撮り。 Tv mode, 1/25, 2.8, ISO 1600。

i used the zone AF to capture this. the full AF doesnt seem to work will with me. focusing is pretty fast on these. not a 1D body series but better then the XSi i use to use.  i will probably be using the zone or spot AF most of the time. well, i guess mostly zone AF.  i dont think i would be able to chose the point within a snap on the 19point lol i did adjust the AI Servo sensitivity by a notch. i love the 8fps on the 7D 🙂

ゾーンAFを使ってみました。フルAFだとどうも使いにくい。フォーカスが中々早いね。1Dボディ系までとは言わないけど、XSiより全然早い。ゾーンとスポットAFしか使わないだろぅなぁ。まぁ、ゾーンAFがほとんどだろうな。スポットだと一瞬で19点の中の一転を決め損ねそうだからw。AIサーボの感度は少しイジった。それに8fpsがいいね7D 🙂

now i need to to some things at daylight. probably over the weekend.




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