Day: 12/03/2009


above is the new RICOH GXR, the interchangeable camera unit. the camera unit contains different focal length with different sensor size. there is an optional view finder and a external flash unit.


sounds like a amazing new technology. but not my cup of tea. i’d rather get the GR III. well, it may change after i actually fondle the camera. it just feels weird changing the whole unit… shooting a video with the SLR is weird for me too. feel like a old man that just cant catch up to the new techs lol plus, the design is kind of bulky looing compared to the GR series.

なんか凄そうなテクノロジーやね。でも、俺の趣味では無いかも。GR IIIの方が魅力的だなぁ。まぁ、実際カメラをイジってみれば変わるのかもしんないけど。とにかく、なんかユニットごと交換って言うのが違和感。一眼で動画を撮るのにも違和感があるのに。時代について行けない老いぼれみたいな感じだな俺w。それになんだかGR系と違ってデザインがかさばって見える。

i would rather get the Olympus E-P2.