1. much better then i expected from what that link you gave me mentioned lol its a great camera though you will need some tweeking. whats really cool is that you can customize your button layouts. its limited, but comes in really handy from scenes to scene. video is awesome. its just that my laptop cant take the HD, it lags lol if you have a lens that captures a lot of light and shoot with low ISO, the shots will come out pretty sharp 🙂

    1. 中々イイでしょケンツ。ふふ。

  1. That’s good! Have you tried any of the higher ISO’s? How does the grain compare to your XSi?

    1. yes i did. on ISO HI(12800) the grains are pretty bad. but, shoot the shot in black and white and it will look pretty nice. i will upload a shot on the blog shortly 🙂

  2. Yay! Thanks! I’m trying to decide between the 7D or just sucking it up and dropping the cash on the 5D MKII. I’m going to be eating A LOT of ramen if I do though. hahaha

  3. If I got the 7D, grip, battery, and 24-70, it’d only be $560 cheaper if I got the 5D with all the same stuff.

    1. ic. and it will be around the same price as a used 1D Mk III. 1Ds is still expensive… lol they are coming with the 1D Mk IV… droool lol


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