ISO12800 of the Canon 7D,

as promised, Robert 🙂

shot with CANON EOS 7D, with Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX.

Tv 1/2000, Av 1.4

Evaluative metering

ISO 12800

Monochrome, Sharpness +7, Contrast +4 with Purple toning effect

High ISO noise reduction, disable

above is the image cropped at pixel maginification (5184×3456). it is rusty lol sooo rusty… although the ISO1600 on the 7D is much better compared to the XSi’s ISO 1600. i guess ISO3200 will be pretty nice and useful. ISO6400 is alot noisy though not as the ISO12800.  if you enable the noise reduction the grain will disappear slightly though not much. i would rather shoot in black and white when using the HI ISO setting enabled.

personally i do love these grains that gives a extra taste on the photo. with the exact size of the pixel will be awful though most prints are going to be 8.5×11 or 11×14 any ones so mind as well take advantage. if the shots will be printed someting larger i will just rent a Phase One .


  1. Thanks Shino! Every little bit of information helps my decision! 😀 I guess the next step is to try the 7D for myself. I also want to see if some of my current lenses will work (but that, I mean produce decent pictures) on the 5D MKII, so I don’t have to drop insane amounts of money on new lenses.

  2. or not…I just checked and I have all EF-S lenses. Crap. They won’t work on the 5D. 😦


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