Random Cell Photo,

random cell photos again.


off road???


hoooo Blu Ray Porn sighting!!!


yeaaaa Chick-fil-A!! @ Corona.


whole-lotta Gzox tablets. Thanks Jason!! 🙂

Gzoxのタブレットがたくさん。ありがとジェイソン!! 🙂

mang why did he park next to me. now i’m anxious.



  1. comment 1: I neeeeeedd to get a ps3 for blu-ray for sure now haha

    comment 2: WWUUUTTT Where did u get the G-zox stash? I thought c-west was the only place with it hehe.

    1. of course a PS3!! hahha and dont forget your tissue box on the side lol and i got those G-zox stash from a buddy of mine 🙂


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