Fake Fake Fake, S2CarbonWorks,

another spotting of the fake BRIDE seats.


all the BRIDE seats listed here is FAKE. who ever bought them from here bragging your car is a true JDM now, too bad. its TRD ( Taiwan Research & Duplicate) product.

under the seat was Accessories section with “GRADATION” RED fabric. do you know what a gradation is? its darker color to lighter color or vise versa. that is NOT a gradation you guys have it listed there. you guys should take art classes in kindergarten so the teachers will hold your hands and use body language (since S2Carbon guys seem to not understand english) to teach you what a gradation is. but hey, no worries guys.  i’ve seen worse. people couldnt even say gradation. they say GRADUATION… lol hahahaha sure you guys are in a need of diplomas.

please, no fake.


  1. 俺が代わりに車でここのオフィスに神風特攻してきておくよ

    1. けんつ、脅してねぇーしww

  2. Absolutely no shame…..だね。

    1. yes Haru-san!! no shameですよ!!

  3. ○限のパチもんも売ってるしwwwwww

    1. あ、やっぱアレもそうですか??www

  4. なーに、大丈夫!貴殿もよーく分かっているようにこんな会社は今のSOCALに掃いて捨てる程存在しているけど、もって後1年、早ければ数ヶ月で消える運命だから…。

    1. Haruさん、ホントさっさと消えて欲しいっすよコイツら。
      どこもかしこもこんな偽者ばっか売ってたら誰もホンモノ買わくなっちゃいますもんねぇ… 😦

  5. These guys are thieves. I have ordered an expensive part from them and never received it. They made excuses not send it until my paypal claim wasn’t able to be done. Check out their feedback on eBay, you will see what I mean.


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