Hair Show,

i was at a hair show over the weekend.

yea when i saw you guys Jack and Justin!! lol


can’t be showing too much so just a bits of it.





  1. uwoooo melody yoko da!!!! wasn’t she super gorgeous???
    koremo photographer de ittano??
    teka deyum, you’s a pro now majide!!!!;)

    1. sou sou Melody Yoko!! thats her name!! hahha omoidasenakatta w
      the other one was a model from japan too dayo. kocchi mo namae wasurechatta… lol dame dana saikin kiokuryoku ga…
      kono event mo photo de yobareta no~ 🙂 fufu okagesama de iro iro to yobareru yo ni natte kita!!

  2. this reminds me of that scene in the drama “Beautiful Life” have u seen it?


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