Day: 02/11/2010

LAX, from Japan

went to go pick up a rental car yesterday morning at Enterprise.


a 7 seat passenger, Chevy Suburban.


huge… lol and fwak’n Enterprise…huge rip off…


went to LAX. parking werent so bad like usual. i guess not many people are taking flights. there was this one curvy hottie cabin attendant walking by me. she smelt gooood lol its always fun to kick it at the air port watching variety of peoples.


lets welcome Akane Hotaru and Koda Erika 🙂

いらっしゃいまし紅音ほたるさんと幸田えりかちゃん 🙂

along with Sho-kun, Hara-san, and Eiichi-san!!


and great JDM souvenirs lol


two EGG Tenga lol,  bath additive (oobies and boom-boom lol) a huge oobie with adult toys in there, a POV style DVD lol and Seven Star Black Impact. never seen these before!! thank you so much guys!!


will be doing couple photo shoots and attending Tokyo Night on Valentines Day at Club Tatou. she will be giving out