CHIN-MA-YA of TOKYO in Gardena,

the 2nd store of CHIN-MA-YA is now open in Gardena, on Wesetern Ave and near 190th street 🙂

ちんまーやさんのカリフォルニア2号店がガーデナにてオープン。ウェスタンと190の近くです 🙂

the fried shrimp.









  1. Didn’t like the ‘ma-bo-don’, but likes the noodles. That use to be a PHO’ place, hopefully this place sticks around. You try DK ramen?

    1. i agree with you Albert. it wasnt bad at all, but something just werent right to me. the medium spicy was great. the extra spicy was the one i didnt like because of that extra sansho spice… noodles and especially the soup is great.
      where is DK ramen? i never tried it before

  2. Daikokuya Ramen. One in little tokyo, next to San Pedro & 1st street. On 1st street. Check out DKRAMEN.COM, if you havent tried it out. You probably tried Otafuku in Gardena, right?

    1. oO ok ok i know where it is now. didnt think they called them self DK ramen. i’ve been to Otafuku quite often now for lunch and dinner 🙂


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