Day: 02/18/2010

From the UK, Monster Sport PFX Intake Kit for Evo Installed

Bene from JAPO Motorsport sent me some pics for the car the other day 🙂 recently he bought the Monster Sport PFX Intake Kit from us. the kit is finally installed for their club sport car.

super thanks to Bene from JAPO Motorsport in UK for his kind updates!! 🙂



forgot that my shots were being used in the article.

個人的に納得いかないのは、使われてる写真が全部Tokyo Nightじゃなくて、Tokyo Styleの時の写真だっていうね。もっとイイ写真あったはずなのに、知り合いが載ってるのをピックアップして前に持ってきた感があるのは気のせいだろぅか…。載せてやったぜ感でも出したかったのかな。

what i dont really like about this article is that the shots being used on this page is from Tokyo Style, and not Tokyo Night. fail advertisement. plus, there were tons of snap shots of the people and from all those, they chose the shots with their friends in it… did they wanted  people to thank him for the lay out or something.