Day: 02/19/2010

Fusion Fridays, Hosted by Clipse

i will be attending Fusion Fridays as a photographer tonight.

今晩はFusion Fridaysにカメラマンとして参加してきます。

thanks to Benkay-san for the invite.



SUPER GT Suzuka Associated Testing Day,

Suzuka Circuit recently held the SUPER GT associated testing day.


the new Honda HSV is grabbing a lot of attentions this year i guess. the HSV had some problem with the steering assy and #18 crashed at the 130R. all the HSV were back in the pit area for ascertainment.


lap time wise, the R35 recorded the fastest of all the 3days. although, the SC430 is right behind the record.


below is a clip from the test.


for more pictures, visit Auto Sport Web

i want to go shoot SUPER GT too dammit… 😦

俺もスーパーGT撮りに行きたいよぉーちくしょー… 😦