Day: 02/22/2010

Mamiya/Sekor 500 DTL, July 1968

new toy.


1968, Mamiya/Sekor 500 DTL

i’ve been to the Long Beach Antique Flea Market nearly every month but never bought anything before lol and this is the first thing i bought at the flea market. $30 USD. could have negotiated the price lower since the strap was missing and there was a small dent on the upper body. other then that, everything works fine.

ほぼ毎月ロングビーチのフリマ には行ってるけど、一回も買った事が無いんです僕(笑。ってなわけで今回、めでたく初購入。3000円ぐらぃ。値段をもう少し値切れば良かった…。スト ラップ付いてなければボディーに軽いヘコみなんかもあったり。まぁ、完璧に動くからいいんだけどね。

came with the Mamiya/Sekor 50mm F2. pretty fast lens.

マミヤ/セコールの 50mmF2がついてた。中々明るい。

read that there is a adapter for Canons to mount these lens. gotta look for it.


fastest shutter speed is at 1/500 sec. by the way, 1000 DTL has a fastest shutter speed of 1/1000 sec. the shutter sounds heavier then my 7D, but cant be like a Leica M3.


on the side is a switch to choose sport metering or average metering.


luckily or not, the camera had film in it. a fujifilm 400. i opened the back cover without noticing so i think it got fwaked up though… we’ll see when it gets developed. i need to learn how to develop film now. i want to try!!


Long Beach Antique Flea Market,

went to the flea market again yesterday 🙂

またフリマへ行って来ました昨日 🙂

it was pretty packed today. good thing it didnt rain like last month!!



Fusion Fridays Feb 19th at Cabana Club, pics are up now

i was at Fusion Fridays with DJ Benkay last Friday, Feb 19th, 2010. went to the venue as one of the photographers for the event. was my first time at Cabana Club in Hollywood. not bad, though it was a bit dark.

the floor was packed with people enjoying the play of DJ Benkay 🙂 couldnt really move… hahha sucks that i miss their fashion show they had. never got the schedule or anything… lol next time, i shall not miss.

below are the pics from the event.