Day: 03/04/2010

Was At Tea Station,

met up with Yutaka-san from afro99.


its official. i will be hired as afro99’s official photographer for the events 🙂

決まりました。afro99の専属カメラマンになりました 🙂


I Did Not Send Out Those “I Bought a iPhone for Cheap” emails,

if you got a email from me that says i got a iPhone 3GS 32MB from, please ignore that ass hole. i’m pretty sure people did ignore them already but one guy did click on the link and asked me why is that iPhone so cheap. no i did not buy an iPhone from that website. i dont even have a iPhone. the products seems to be so “genuine”. yes, what ever that shiet means. also not only they sent out some random bull shiets from my account but they’ve deleted some of my emails and contact information. on top of that, all my contacts on msn messenger has been deleted.

もし僕の方からiPhoneの3GS 32MBをsimlif.comから買ったよってメールが来てたらシカトして下さい。多分皆さんはほぼ無視と書いてシカトしてると思いますが、中にはリンクに飛んでなんでこんなに安いのって聞いてきた来た人も居るんで。つーか俺買ってねぇーしiPhoneなんか。まず持ってねぇーし。「正真正銘」のiPhoneって書いてあったけど。何がやねん。ちなみに、こんなメールを送られただけでなく、メールも数十件消されてて、アドレス帳も消えてた。更に、メッセのコンタクトが全員消されてた。

what a way to start Thursday.