Day: 03/22/2010

Weekend Re-cap: SaKuRa 2010 at Gonpachi Beverly Hills,

at Gonpachi for SaKuRa 2010 🙂

we thank all of you who came out to support the night.

the venue was massively packed with people, people, and people!!

even more people!! lol so packed i was barely walking.

and, i must apologize to whomever i smacked with the camera in their head.

didnt meant to!!

more pics will be soon added to!!

Weekend Re-cap: Xtreme Drift Circuit and Remix Car Show,

Xtreme Drift Circuit/Remix Car Show on Saturday at Irwindale Speed way aka Toyota Speedway. i guess people for running crazy about car shows this year since a lot were being canceled. there were 400 plus contestant registered for the car show. seems they had great outcomes. the down part, it was hella hot that day!! wife said i got darker then last night… lol


Weekend Re-cap: “Relief with the Stars” at Capitol City Hollywood,

with DJ Benkay at Capitol City, Hollywood for “Relief with the Stars”

the event were with Operation USA, ASA Public Relations, and LA Fashion Week to be involved with the Chile earthquake fundraiser. we thank all of you who came out to support.