Weekend Re-cap: SaKuRa 2010 at Gonpachi Beverly Hills,

at Gonpachi for SaKuRa 2010 🙂

we thank all of you who came out to support the night.

the venue was massively packed with people, people, and people!!

even more people!! lol so packed i was barely walking.

and, i must apologize to whomever i smacked with the camera in their head.

didnt meant to!!

more pics will be soon added to afro99.com!!


  1. お疲れー。
    damn u smacked someone’s head with ur camera? lol u badass!

    1. hey hey mOnkayちゃんお疲れ!!
      i didnt meant to… lol it was an accident!! you’ve seen how packed it was.
      i couldnt… i just couldnt… lol hahaha


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