Traffic to Camarillo,

last Friday,


mad traffic on the 405N like always. why did i chose to ride lol


aaaand traffic on 101… 😦

そして101も鬼混みやぁーん… 😦

took me close to 2hours getting to Camarillo lol


and met up with Brian and Adrianni. forgot what it was called… was it Bandit’s Place? it was so awkward throwing peanut shells on the store floor lol hahaha


yes his favorite.


hohhooooo maaaad foood 🙂 good thing i didnt order the burger… which i really wanted to…

おっほぉぉぉメッチャ食いもんあるやん 🙂 バーガーも行こうと思ったけど頼まなくて良かった…食べたかったけど…


  1. wow, thanks for telling me you were coming up.

    hahahah just kidding! I was home in NorCal anyway haha


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