The Curve, June 5th 2010

we will be doing this again!!


come and join us at Senor Fish LA for “The Curve” 🙂

LAにあるSenor Fishにて開催される”The Curve”に行こう 🙂

we got catwalk with,


2WJD, CUBE, multeepurpose and C’est L’amore

special live performance with,



this time, “The Curve” will be having a art gallery as well.

今回の”The Curve”はアートギャラリーもやります。

the gallery entrants are,


Allen Chu, Amelie Laurice, H.SU, Ilàn, Just Ali, K-LA, KingQuan, Megumi Isobe, Mikolaj Wyszynski, Robert Jamieson, Shinnosuke Jon Fujisawa (yea, me), Tommi Lim, Yuki Okabe.

also for the gallery, we have a special guest from Japan, MAD BARBARIANS 🙂

そして日本からのスペシャルゲスト、MAD BARBARIANSさんです 🙂

we got DJs pupming the dancer floor, too.


DJ Fumi and RYSH from C.O.R.E. Entertainmet, TJ OKA from afro99, and CTRL-D from OPM Clothing.

there will be give aways and sample sale and art work sale.


join us for the night!!



  1. My paintings come from what I think of, dream, and feel.

    Art is a big part of my life. I feel fortunate to be an artist. When  we make art, it’s comforting to know that we’ll always have that  constant in our lives. Though many things in life may change, the  ability to make art is always there, like a thread running through.  That thread also ties us artists together with other people.

    • San Diego State University Goodwill Scholarship for international Student Scholarship Program 2007 • Recipient of Juror’s Honorable Place for exhibition
    of San Diego Watercolor Society 2006 • Second place for Exhibition of Art in amateur section
    San Diego County Fair 2005 • First place for Portfolio in student showcase
    San Diego County Fair 2005 • Second place for Poster in student showcase
    San Diego County Fair 2005 • Selected for UP stream web competition 2005 • Recipient of the Eric Johnson Memorial for Art
    competition Palomar College 2004 • Recipient of the Pickents Family Scholarship
    for Art Competition 2004


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