I was a Punk Rocker for Once,

for the Fast and the Furious, Tokyo Drift filming.


good memories of this week. i did talk to Kitagawa, Keiko-chan for bit. didnt think she was going to be that famous in Japan now… lol damn should have asked for her phone number and shiet lol met a lot of people here. Kristine, Seita-kun, Daiso-kun, Lana, Kazu-kun, Stacy(wait, was t Monica…?), Mami-chan, Erika-san, Joe… good old days!! 🙂

撮影の一週間楽しかったなぁー。北川景子ちゃんともちょっと話したさ。こんなに売れるとは思ってなかった…笑。電話番号とか聞いておけばよかったなチクショウww。色んな人との出会いがあったなぁ。クリスティーン、セイタ君、ダイソウ君、ラナ、カズ君、ステイシー(あれ、モニカだっけ?汗)、マミちゃん、エリカさんにジョーとか…懐かしい!! 🙂

why do i look like a punk rocker? they made me dress up like that… 5 in the morning wearing high-cut boot and wrapping around necklace and wearing ring is not a great idea lol



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