Pics are Updated for Fabulous, at Libertine

click the above pic 🙂

上の写真をクリックしてね 🙂

its always Fabulous at Libertine 🙂 dont miss, every second Saturday!!

リバティンはいつもファブラス :) 毎月、第二土曜日はリバティン、夜露死苦ッ!!




  1. unfortunately I can’t not read nor write in Japanese but I know when I see a good photo and right here is a good photo. The love the streams of light it gives a fun and mystic impression. It reminds me of the film Lost In Translation when the two characters are partying around the city.

    1. thank you Orange 🙂 have you seen other pics from the event? if not, click on the image to view more of my shots. thanks again!!


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