Day: 07/13/2010

350Z Tomei Expreme Dyno Run, Results

i was at SR Motorcars.


getting my car strapped on.


hi Micchan 🙂 thanks for the beef jerky.

やっほうミッちゃん 🙂 ビーフジャーキー有り難う。

yes, finally did the dyno on the exhaust last night.


special thanks to SR Motorcars!! thanks Steve!! 🙂

SR Motorcarsのスティーブにスペシャル有り難う!! 🙂

SR Motorcars

115 East Gardena Blvd.

Gardena CA 90248


the result,


Dynojet, 7/12/2010 run type RO, run conditions 79.69°F, 1021.77mBars, humidity 20%, SAE 0.97

max horsepower: 264.08hp (baseline 250.98hp)

max torque: 228.08ft-lbs (baseline 211.31ft-lbs)

the engine is complete stock. not even a aftermarket air filter in. gasoline is 91 octane from Chevron, and the engine oil is 5W30 from ENEOS. other here and there is the HKS suspension and the OS Giken LSD only. and i gotta say thank you to Steve-san from Power Enterprise for bringing me the oil filter from Costa Mesa to Gardena 🙂 i love you Steve. no homo.

エンジンはまったくの純正です。アフターのエアーフィルターも使ってません。ガソリンはチェブ論の91オクタン。エンジンオイルはエネオスの5W30。イジったとこと言えばHKSのサスとOS技研のデフぐらい。そしてパワーエンタープライズのスティーブ、マジで有り難う!!コスタメサからオイルフィルター持って来てもらいました 🙂 愛してるぜスティーブ。モーホーじゃねーからなw。

will this be a great seller?


hi Steve-san.


great day for a dyno testing i guess?


hi Edo-san.


did a quick shot afterwards. damn wind, it knocked down my umbrella and the speedlight… lol should have brought reflectors instead.


oh, forgot to take off the plates… oh well.


Mitsubishi Owner’s Day Recap,


past Saturday was Mitsubishi Owner’s Day in Cypress headquarter. the weather was, gloomy in the morning 😦 the sun came out when the meeting was almost over lol can’t really do anything with the weathers.

この間の土曜日は三菱オーナーズデーでした。天気は、朝からどんより :(。お天道様が顔を出したのはイベントの終盤(笑。天気はまぁどうにでも出来ないよね俺じゃ。出来たら神じゃね俺。

of course, lots of Evo, Eclipse, Gallant, GTO, Mirage and etc. didnt see the Pajero this year. did i miss it? didnt really walked around the whole venue this year.


the 3000GT had a convertible??


Rogan-san~ 🙂

ローガンさん~ 🙂

Yuki-san~ 🙂

ユキさん~ 🙂

Ozzie-san~ 🙂

オジー 🙂

Rene-san~ 🙂

レネーさん~ 🙂

Jason-san~ 🙂

ジェイソンさん~ 🙂

Charles-san~ 🙂

チャールスさん~ 🙂

Shaun-san~ 🙂

ショーンさん~ 🙂

thanks to all who came out and supported our booth 🙂