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recently, we came out with a new classy type of the ZETA III. it is the Japan series. the seat cover is suede (same material as the 370Z door panels and other suede that Nissan/Infiniti uses) with the carbon alamid shell. this is, like the normal ZETA III, is compatible with the 5pt seat harness. Hans is adaptable, too. ZETA III Japan retails at $1200 USD. not bad for a carbon seat as if it was from our line lol normally the ZETA III cfrp type retails at $1750 USD. oh, and its FIA approved 🙂

最近、新しいシート出しました。ZETA IIIのハイエンド版のJapanシリーズです。シートカバーは日産純正(Z34のドアパネルとか)のスウェード素材。シートのシェルはアラミド繊維。通常のZETA III同様5点式のハーネスを使用可能です。ハンズも使えます。USでの定価は$1200。他のカーボンのフルバケと比べるとなかなかお安い。通常ZETA IIIのカーボン版は定価$1750なんで。あ、それと、FIA公認です 🙂


  1. That looks like such an awesome seat. I like the black with the dark grey stitching too, that’s great! >:)


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